Laboratory North - Oltrona di San Mamette (CO)

Oltrona di S.Mamette (CO): in the north, as well as a series of small-scale test equipment national and international, are operating systems for measuring and experiments of semi-scale, full-scale and real-scale.

Code Equipment Description
EN 50265-2-1 Room 3x3 Smokes-Cables
NF P 92-501 Epiradiateur
ISO 9705 / EN 14390 Room corner test (testing of full-scale for the building, testing of full-scale upholstered furniture, research)

EN 13823 Single Burning Item (SBI)

IEC (60)332-3

CEI 20-22/3 EN 50266-2 (parts from 1 to 5)

EN 50266-2-4

EN 50399

Cables Rig

FTIR FTIR for cables toxicity
UNI 9174 Italian radiant panel

UNI 9175

Upholstered forniture

BS 5852-0-1-2

Source 0 - smoldering cigarette

Source 1 - simulated match

Source 2 - wooden crib

Upholstered seating by smouldering and flaming ignition sources

BS 5852-2 (section 12)


UNI 8456-8457

EN ISO 11925-2

Small Flames
NF P 92-503-504-505 French Test
CAL TB 133 Flammability Test procedure for seating furniture for use in public occupancies
16 CFR 1632 / 1633 Standard for the flammability of mattresses (pads and sets)
RESEARCH - TGV compartment for real-scale test (firestarr, transfeu, step, etc.)
Control Room (Analyzers, HRR, smoke, etc.)
Smoke cleaning tower
Exhaust Cable Duct

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