Laboratory South - Controguerra (TE)


Controguerra (TE): in the southern laboratory operate the equipment for measurements of calorimetry, optical density of smoke, and toxicity of the waste gases of the flame for varitipi of products and applications and various other methods of small scale. For example ignitability, calorific, non-combustibility etc.etc.

Code Equipment Description
EN ISO 1182 Incombustibility
EN ISO 4589-2 Oxygen Index
EN ISO 1716 Calorific Power
EN ISO 11925-2 Ignitability
EN ISO 9239-1 Flame front propagation of floors
EN ISO 5658-2 Room of smokes
EN ISO 5660-1 Cone calorimeter
EN ISO 5659-2 + FTIR Toxicity of gases
NF X 70-100 + FTIR Tubular Oven French
Chemical Laboratory (wet chemistry)

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