Dr. Silvio Messa

Chief of Staff for Research and Testing

Since 1973 he is responsible for fire prevention, and in particular for reaction to fire, research on test methods and classification systems. He was a member of the Committee for the preparation of the regulations of the Fire Department of the Interior (1974-79).
Always actively participates in committees Italian (UNI), European (CEN TC127) and international (ISO TC92, ASTM) in the field of fire resistance and relative toxicity.
Numerous research programs directed, some for the Ministry, others for CEN and ISO, or for the European Commission, on calorimetry, propagation, smoke, toxicity, methods for the assessment of construction products, upholstered furniture, electrical cables , rail and marine transportation, etc..

Since 2007 he is Director of Research at LSFire Testing Institute Srl, which operates in the field of fire reaction certification for Italian, European and international.


Dr. Renato Battista Zani



Dott.ssa Maddalena Pezzani

Direttore del laboratorio – Senior scientist since 2005

She has a degree in industrial chemistry in 1999, is the managing director of the laboratory and as such develops and prepares all certificates and test reports of both the laboratory of the North and South, has been granted the status of "senior scientist" in 2002, he participated in many international work, CEN, ISO etc.. When can follow the work of CEN TC 127 WG4 of the "Reaction to Fire," who presides when Silvio Mass can not be present.

Ours was his first work, which began in 2000.

Raffaella Massa

Head of Accounting

technical sales perished in commercial

Barbara Messa

Sales Manager / Marketing - Customer Care

Contact reference to Italian legislation, EU 305/2011 CPR and International Tests

Dott.ssa Carola Larghi

Secretariat of the Directorate - Customer Care


Dott.ssa Veronica Santagada

Head of Data Management - Customer Care


Dott.ssa Emma Viero

Laboratory Technician - Performance Tests


Dott.ssa Eleonora Anselmi

Assistant Staff Director of Research and Testing


Lorenzo Arnaboldi

Laboratory Technician - Performance Tests

Pio Acciarri

Laboratory Technician - Senior scientist from 1991

Specializing in the research and testing of calorimetry, PCS, propagation etc ...


Claudio Baiocchi

Laboratory Technician - Senior scientist from 1991

Specializing in the research and testing on the optical density of smoke, toxicity of the effluents of combustion, wet chemical analysis.


Bogdan Pidruchnyy

Maintenance technician and sample preparation


Davide Marucci

Computer Technician